Zapf GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized, for three generations family-owned and family-run business in Upper Franconian Hof / Saale with approx. 60 employees.

The extrusion process is used to produce cores that can be used as winding cores, packaging or for sports, leisure or decorative purposes. We produce textile cores, winding rings, disc coils and press cores by injection moulding. We also develop technical parts on customers´ request.



Our corporate goals are to maintain jobs, secure and consolidate our market position in the long term, as well as to secure and expand our earnings. Quality, environmental and energy management are consistent and important components of our company policy.

We strive to meet our customers´ requirements at all times through competent advice, flexibility, smooth running processes and reliable products. Our goal is to meet changing customer needs, quality criteria and changing processes. We want to achieve this goal through close individual and fair cooperation with our customers. Quality and service are our top priorities.

Compliance with existing occupational health and safety and environmental protection laws and regulations are a matter of course. We monitor all our production steps and products as well as our facilities. We offer our employees, customers and suppliers fair cooperation, i.e. compliance with the rules of good business practice and professional conduct at all times, and expect this in return.

– Ulrich C.P. Zapf


Jan 27th, 1937

registered in the commercial register as H.N. Zapf Kommandit-Gesellschaft Hof,


Expansion in Köditzer Straße and relocation of administration


Change of Name to Zapf GmbH & Co. KG

  • 1936

    Heinrich Nikolaus Zapf and Carl Durst establish H.N. Zapf KG Hof as a "company for the production of paper tubes for the textile and metal goods industry" Jan 27th, 1937

  • 27. Jan 1937

    registered in the commercial register as H.N. Zapf Kommandit-Gesellschaft Hof, Sigmundsgraben

  • 1954

    Construction of the company building in Carl-Benz-Straße

  • 1965

    Start of processing plastics, extruding plastics as coatings

  • 1972

    Karl A. Zapf builds a subsidiary plant in Köditzer Strasse to manufacture injection-moulded and extrusion products (covers and yarn spools)

  • 1996

    Expansion in Köditzer Straße and relocation of administration

  • 1997

    Ulrich C.P. Zapf becomes limited partner

  • 2002

    Ulrich C.P. Zapf joins the management

  • 2012

    The company employs approx. 50 employees on about 8,000 sqm operating area and over 35,000 sqm real estate Special pipes and injection moulded articles made of polymer materials

  • 2016

    Investments of this company are co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the Free State of Bavaria:

    • Construction of a production/warehouse of approx. 76O m2
    • Construction of an automatic long goods plant for the intermediate storage of semi-finished goods
    • Expansion of the production capacities by additional production components
    • Modernization of the production hall
  • 2018

    Karl A. Zapf retires from business and hands over the management of the company

  • 2019

    Change of Name to Zapf GmbH & Co. KG


Recycling instead of waste: Thanks to the positive properties of plastic, products can often be used several times; waste can thus be considerably reduced or almost completely avoided. However, despite all efforts, waste can never be completely avoided; therefore residual waste is collected, processed and reused for special products according to the customers´ wishes.

In general, we pay attention to eco-friendly production processes, careful handling of resources and the exploitation of even the smallest material reserves. Our machinery is adapted to the current environmental standards and is continuously updated to the latest state of the art.

In cooperation with our partner, we offer rotary systems with foldable large plastic containers, so no waste is being generated from the outset during the production of cores or their packaging. In addition, containers and cores get cleaned, refurbished and returned to the pool system. Hereby strict regulations apply in the pharmaceutical, hygiene and food industries.


Alternative system for the improvement of energy efficiency according to §3 SpaEfV

Energy – Environment – Sustainability: We strive to keep the impact on people and the environment in the planning, manufacture, storage, transport, distribution and use of our products and systems to an unavoidable minimum. We work with suppliers who pursue and support similar objectives. We generally strive for long-term cooperation.